Thursday, 4 April 2013

Pen and Wash

Work is crazy at the moment. What little time I have off finds me tired and completely devoid of inspiration. At times like this I can stare at a blank piece of paper for hours without moving, totally powerless. However, rather than wasting precious hours, I've spent the odd 15 mins or so here and there putting watercolour washes over some old ink sketches. One of them shown here is a sketch from earlier in this blog. I've really enjoyed doing this as the guidelines are already in place, as is some of the tone, it's just a matter of colour selection. Ideal for an addled old brain. I also quite like the way washes behave on cartridge paper. I'm definitely going to do more work like this when time is short and energy is low.


  1. These both look good with the washes added. I especially like the coloring in the one of the boat...nice contrast between the water and the sand.