Sunday, 30 June 2013

Port Isaac Street.

This blog has been a bit quiet lately. The fact is I've been rather unwell. A persistant kidney problem has really set in and knocked me flat. Staggering pain is not the ideal condition in which to make pictures, nor is a mind-blocking cocktail of tramadol and morphine. Then there is a living to be earned and all my energy has gone into that, I work with very vulnerable people, letting them down is not an option, regardless of how I feel. Despite all this, out of sheer stubborness, I did this on one of my better days. I didn't expect much when I started it, it was intended to be more of an exercise. In the photograph the sun is overhead and slightly to the left, putting all the buildings in shade. To add interest, I put the light source lower in the sky and to the right, hence all the shadows are as I have imagined them. I really went for it here and have never punched in shadows so boldly before. As I've said, I wasn't too bothered about the end result, but I enjoyed the technical challenge and learned a lot. It was done on a bit of ancient Langton 140lb NOT which had suffered from damp at some point and I didn't even bother to stretch it. It could do with some figures to add life and I may re-visit the subject with this in mind.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Strumble Head.

A very hastily sketched view in ink from long ago. Grabbing a few minutes recently, I threw some washes on it. It's strange how, after all this time, I can still clearly remember that great thunderhead speeding towards me as I frantically scribbled!! Strange also, looking back, how unaware I was that life for me was going to change, that it was going to fall apart, to shatter, and for a time I would wander under a sky too dark to paint. But the clouds blew away as they always do. It rains now and then, but now I live in warmth and light.   Ink and watercolour on cartridge paper.