Thursday, 17 April 2014

Harbour Evening.

Well finally..... finally..... this clapped out, broken down old heap is beginning to fire on nearly all cylinders. That's me by the way, my car is still off the road.
First, I must thank everyone of you for all your good wishes and kind comments in response to Helen's update back in March. It really helped to read those when I was struggling. Bless you all.
The next thing I need to do is explain why I haven't visited everyone's blogs as much as I would have liked. The fact is I've had great difficulty getting on the blogs. I don't know whether it's Blogger or my ageing computer but it's been impossible and hugely frustrating for a lot of the time, particularly on USA sites. I bring up the page, click on it and.... crash!! If anyone has any advice I would really appreciate hearing it as we are stumped this end. I hope this assures everyone that it's not due to a lack of interest on my part.
Now onto this picture. This is my first attempt at palette knife painting with acrylics, after some advice and encouragement very kindly supplied by a new friend. It's not purely done with the knife, there were also bits of credit card, fingers and damp rags but the paint was applied everywhere with the knife initially. Basically anything was used apart from a brush!! I've used a limited, warm palette of Ultramarine, Naphthol Crimson and Naples Yellow and of course Titanium White. The warmth is because I wanted to capture that balmy evening feeling after a hot summer's day. So, to sum up, after a very long lay off, I've attempted to portray a particular light effect with a medium I'm not very familiar with, using a method I've never tried before. They may have removed bits of me in March but my optimism is still intact.
It's been a long and bumpy road, not just for me but for my family also, they have been fantastic all through this. This isn't a brilliant picture but it is a significant one. I dedicate it to Helen, Chloe and Daniel. You are all brilliant.
Thank you. xxx