Friday, 24 May 2013

Port Isaac.

Another picture from a photograph taken on a dull, colourless day. Originally, I set out to just do an ink drawing but I couldn't resist putting some washes on it. I then, as is so often the case, started to fuss over some of the washes. To me the result is a picture which isn't really sure what it's supposed to be. What I was pleased about was the light in the picture, as I said, the photograph is dull and overcast, I tried to brighten the scene and freshen it up and, to a point, I succeeded. As I type this the rain is lashing down outside and gusts of wind drive it against the window. Another cold, miserable, drab day. There seems to be no end to this disgusting weather, it's all the more frustrating as I determined to try doing most of my work "plein air" this year. Ah well, time to look through the photographs again!!!


  1. I really like the fact that you have only a few coloured spots around the boats. And that the rest is more of the grey. I think it is a beautyful painting. You should be pleased!

  2. Thanks Catharina, your comments are allways so positive and you often point out things that I've missed! I suppose the boats do work as a focal point. I hope you are feeling a bit better.

  3. Kevin, I like how you added light to the painting, especially around the boats. Your reflections of the boats came out really well. I like this one.

  4. Thanks Joan. I've got lots of photographs from that particular holiday and they are all pretty dull in terms of light and tone. I'm going to try another, I found adding my own light values tricky, but I learned a lot from doing this one so it's worth another go.

  5. It's always such a pleasure to scroll through your blog and find something that cheers me up :) Your Port Isaac painting is wonderful to look at and a great inspiration!

    1. Many thanks Stefanie. Having enjoyed making a picture, the only thing to hope for is that it brings pleasure to others, in which case I'm very happy. You are not alone in liking this one as it recently sold at the gallery - which also made me very happy!!