Friday, 15 March 2013


Hello and a very warm welcome to my new art blog. Thankyou for taking the time to visit.
Firstly, thankyou to my wife for setting this up and dragging a 50 year old techno dinosaur into our modern world.
I am an amatuer artist and have had no formal training, I've just gained experience (slowly), and absorbed various influences along the way.
My chosen mediums are pencil, ink and watercolour, mainly it has to be said, due to work space and a water-tight budget. I hope you will pardon the pun.
I have put a mixture of old and more recent work on here and intend to add to it on a fairly regular basis. This is of course influenced by having a busy family life and a demanding job.
My ambition is simply to improve, improve, improve and, above all, to enjoy what I do.
I will also be submitting various thoughts and musings on what I do occasionally, both art and life related. It's going to be very informal and, if it reflects my character, rather haphazard at times!!!  
I'm more than aware of my limitations and my wife tells me that I am my harshest judge. She has witnessed firsthand my bouts of frustration and self criticism!
I would really welcome any comments or feedback from you if you can take the time to do so and I hope my ramblings and scribbles provide a little distraction in this, the most busy of worlds.
This year, I've decided to knuckle down and work hard on my art. I've realised that I cant be complaining that this or that never goes right if I haven't put the effort in.
I want this journey to finally gather speed and intent. I sincerely hope you will drop in now and again to see what I'm doing.
And if like me, you find that sometimes there is so little time, there is no money, inspiration has left you, I dare to hope that it helps to know that yep, I'm right where you are!!


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